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to ride a bike, or to go to the office, Kytone dresses you!


KYTONE is a philosophy of life based on the riding culture.

We manufacture quality products with authenticity, style and function to guarantee you fair and durable items.

In the era of fast consumption, we decided to take our time with a manufacturing close to the craftsmen, the workshops, their know-how.

We work with the workshops according to their skills in France, Italy, Portugal or England.

From you to us, through our workshops, we all share the same values.

Our priority? Solid products, and an irreproachable quality of service!

Because you are our first ambassadors, we do everything to satisfy you, and deliver products that you will become fans of!


The materials are essential to guarantee the durability of our products and their daily comfort. We collaborate with houses such as the British Millerain (England) which has been weaving since 1880 for famous brands. As well as with French velvets, Italian cottons or Japanese denim.