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KYTONE - Rider By Fate - Vintage Clothing for men

Kytone is a vintage clothing brand for men. Kytone's collections are inspired by the world of motorcycling and riding. Kytone clothing is made from noble and durable materials such as leather, canvas, cotton and denim. Kytone offers a wide range of men's clothing ranging from trousers in jeans at jacket in canvas through the t-shirts, shirts and the trucker caps.

In the era of fast consumption, we have decided to take the time, manufacture close to craftsmen, workshops and their know-how.

We work with the workshops according to their skills in France, Italy, Portugal or England.

From you to us, via our workshops, we share the same values.

Our priority? Solid products, and an irreproachable quality of service!

Because you are our first ambassadors, we make every effort to satisfy you, and deliver products that you will become fans of!

Kytone - American vintage clothing for men

We draw our inspiration from vintage motorcycles, cafe racers, choppers and other bobbers, but also from workwear outfits, work clothes that have dressed workers for decades to offer you a selection of vintage-inspired clothing allowing you to compose your style with beautiful retro pieces.

We find American, French or Japanese pieces made in the 50s, 60s or 70s and bring them up to date to offer you timeless styles that will make up your wardrobe.

Kytone - A vintage brand in spirit, modern in practice

By choosing a Kytone outfit, you support a French brand that has decided to do things right: manufacturing in Portugal or France, in workshops that respect the environment and human beings, a choice of durable and solid materials, so that your clothes last a long time, and a closeness with our customers which makes our success.

50s, 60s, 70s, was it really better before?

The world has changed a lot in recent decades and if everything was not rosy at the time, in terms of clothing, it was clearly better before!

The workwear

style The vintage workwear style is inspired by the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s and is characterized by classic and practical cuts and quality fabrics. Far from the disposable clothes offered by unscrupulous brands, we manufactured at the time so that the garment lasts a long time!

Timeless outfits for lasting fashion

By choosing Kytone, you will have outfits that never go out of fashion! A classic cut, with just enough originality, to wear today or in 10 years a garment that will have a patina, thus becoming a unique piece!

Make your selection based on style, fit, material or color and go with us for years to come!

Beautiful vintage pieces for a set inspired by men's outfits from the 40s to the 70s!

Where to find vintage style in the best men's clothing stores?

Do you want to buy your clothes in store rather than online? Discover our dealer network. You will never find our clothes at Carrefour or in major stores!

We carefully select our stores, and they all correspond perfectly to the spirit of our brand. So go say hello to them from us, you will always be well received!

What brands for a vintage look?

Of course, we can't recommend Kytone enough for dressing you up!

But many other brands work in the same spirit of respect, quality and proximity. Without being exhaustive, we could cite: Kidur, Uncle and Son, Flowers of Bagne, or Eudoxia for women and so many others.

You will be able to compose your style with a selection among all these brands. (And yes, at Kytone, we don't hesitate to mention other brands because more than competitors, they are partners in the fight against fast fashion).

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The materials are essential to guarantee the durability of our products and their daily comfort. We collaborate with houses such as the British Millerain (England) which has been weaving since 1880 for famous brands. As well as with French velvets, Italian cottons or Japanese denim.