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Vintage motorcycle jackets by Kytone

We were inspired by the clothes worn by motorcyclists and workers to offer you robust, practical and comfortable jackets.

All our jackets are made in our workshops in Portugal using robust and durable materials, to ensure that you can keep all your Kytone clothes for a long time!

Whether made of cotton canvas, moleskin, cordura or denim, all our vintage jackets have in common a cut inspired by workwear or workwear with a timeless cut.

Motorcycle jackets or workwear?

At the time when the motorcycle appeared, many motorcyclists wore jackets dedicated to factory or workshop work: they were robust, solid and comfortable. At Kytone we have drawn our inspiration from these jackets to offer you our version, with embroidery and details that make them original pieces. We even talked about it on the Borasification blog, in a nice article on custom culture.

Authentic and comfortable jackets

Practical and comfortable cuts, and an authentic style suitable both for the weekend with friends and for office life, that's what we offer. Made in Portugal, all our jackets are made to last, and to acquire a patina over time to become unique!

Ride protected with a vintage motorcycle jacket

Our jackets are not technical clothing! But there are back protectors or protections to put under your jacket and easy to remove. We encourage you to equip yourself to ride safely!