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Different from baseball caps with its mesh net at the back and its decoration, the caps trucker has been present in our daily lives for years. Whether it's the old threadbare cap, or the brand new one of the heroes of our favorite movies, almost everyone has at least one in their closet (or on their head).

Models from Kytone, men's caps like no other!

At Kytone, we do not offer simple vintage trucker caps produced in millions of copies on which we stick an embroidery or a screen print!

Our models are exclusive, with a cut specially designed for the brand. And that's what makes them unique!

Add to that original drawings, sometimes inspired by old garages, the world of custom culture or old motorcycle races and you will have something to match your head to your outfit every day!

Kytone vintage trucker caps for men

The trucker cap is a wardrobe must-have for any old motorcycle fan!

Originally used as an advertising medium, it quickly became a typical fashion accessory for bikers' outfits, when they are not wearing their helmets.

This typical USA headgear was indeed used as a support to promote a brand, especially in agriculture. It was not uncommon to see a farmer with his threadbare John Deere cap on his head. Product offered to customers, it quickly became a fashion accessory in its own right, and was declined by the biggest brands.

The black, blue or red American cap?

Who says fashion accessory says assortment with her outfit! And that's good, Kytone trucker caps are available in several different colors!

Red net caps, blue Trucker caps or green, or simply black to go with everything. We reconcile manufacturing quality and limited quantities to offer you our caps at the best price.

Wearing a cap bearing the image of your favorite brand, or embroidered with a slogan you love, is one of the best ways to assert your style (and protect your head from the sun)

Kytone, the best trucker caps?

If you like vintage looks, vintage trucker caps are a must, and there are many offers on the internet or at your favorite retailers.

You probably tell yourself that all caps are the same, that in any case, it's never just a hat. And yet... between the mass-produced promotional object and the beautiful quality piece, there are differences!

Yes, we think our motorcycle caps are the best!

Why ? We'll make a list for you:

  • Kytone quality : We put as much care into our caps as we do into all our products! Quality materials, solid seams, carefully embroidered or screen-printed logos. If you compare the cost/quality ratio, Kytone trucker caps are at the best price!

  • The Kytone cut : We have chosen not to use the classic cut of trucker caps or baseball caps. Our caps are one size, and their exclusive shape corrects the "big head" problem that usual American caps can give. Shallower and rounder, the "fitting" of our caps is welcomed by all those who wear them! Do not hesitate and treat yourself to a Kytone cap at the best price.

  • Kytone logos : Whether embroidered or screen-printed, all our logos are exclusive and designed by our illustrators. Consult our models, you will necessarily find the one you like.

  • The Kytone exclusivity : Kytone caps are manufactured in a maximum of 200 copies. Without being limited series, you have little chance of meeting someone who wears the same as you and that's pretty good, isn't it?

Kytone Vintage Mesh Caps

Who says caps are just for men?

Thanks to their more worked cut, our caps are as suitable for women as for men. We no longer count the positive feedback from girls on motorcycles who love our caps and only wear those that come from us!

Practical, solid and original, our caps suit both girls and boys. The only important thing to wear a cap is not the gender, but... the desire to wear a cap.

What are the characteristics of a retro biker cap?

A Trucker cap is a timeless object, which has not changed over the years.

And what better way to always be up to date than to wear a timeless headgear?

Different from the baseball cap, trucker caps for bikers or motorcycle fans are a way to show your passion. Beyond the net characteristic of this type of cap, it is the big logos that characterize a good cap.

At Kytone, you will be served! Whether printed or embroidered, the pattern is sometimes provocative, sometimes funny but always original. It's up to you to choose the right color, the right spirit, to match your outfit of the day or your mood.

How to wear a trucker cap?

As a general rule, a trucker cap is worn with the curved visor, the flat visor being reserved for baseball caps or 5-panel caps. Our visors are delivered with a curvature, which can then be adapted to the shape of your skull.

The adjustable tab allows you to adjust the size perfectly to your head, and depending on the wind or the temperature, you will adjust it more or less tight.

It is the back net that makes the particularity of trucker caps. By letting your scalp breathe while protecting it from the sun, it's the perfect accessory for beautiful summer days (and even winter evenings in fact...).