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The only vintage homologated motorcycle leather gloves made in France!

Kytone vintage leather motorcycle gloves have made our reputation. From now on CE approved, they remain a reference in the world of custom and cafe racer. Handmade in France in our artisanal workshops, they are robust, durable and unique. The treatment applied to the leather will make them age and acquire a patina according to your uses!

Approved motorcycle gloves with a vintage look and made in France!

It is possible to ride a motorcycle with gloves CE approved, which remain pretty, do not make you look like Robocop and which are also Made in France!

Kytone leather motorcycle gloves offer a vintage look and optimal protection for your hands.

Take care of it, and it will return it to you a hundredfold, by becoming unique, bearing the marks of your uses.

Choose your approved biker gloves

Since 2016, gloves meeting the European standard EN 13594:2015 are mandatory for riding a motorcycle.

Kytone has modified its gloves to meet these requirements, and provide you with good protection, while maintaining a clean and classic style.

Handcrafted in France, our motorcycle gloves are abrasion resistant and our seams do not tear in the event of a fall!

We currently offer 3 models of gloves, in different colours:

The homologated summer motorcycle glove:

  • The classic summer Kytone gloves : inspired by work gloves, this leather glove is the historic Kytone model. Comfortable thanks to their soft leather, they are perfect for riding in summer and mid-season. They are available in yellow (best-selling model), black, white.

  • Niki gloves : More modern and airy cut, with external seams for even more comfort! It's a perfect summer glove for riding in style and comfort! Available in black, white, yellow or blue. The blue model is in goat leather, for an even softer feel!

Approved vintage winter motorcycle

  • gloves Lined gloves : With a vintage cut similar to our classic gloves, they are longer at the wrist and have a sherpa lining to keep your hands warm. Available in black or yellow.

And contrary to what many seem to believe, it is not mandatory to have protective shells on the top of the hand to benefit from homologation. Indeed, the majority of falls are on the palms of the hands, and it is the resistance to abrasion that defines the certification. This is why all our gloves are lined with a thick split leather palm reinforcement!

Vintage women's motorcycle

gloves Our gloves, in particular the Niki, are suitable for female hand shapes. We also offer them from size 6, to allow as many people as possible to ride with gloves made in France!

Gloves for all hands

We produce gloves from size 6 to size 10. But our craftsmanship goes further!

Indeed, if you have suffered an accident which caused the loss of a phalanx or a finger, our workshops can adapt a pair to your hand! And that at no extra cost! Contact us to find out more!

The only CE motorcycle gloves Made in France

We are currently the only manufacturers to offer approved motorcycle gloves made entirely in France! Because we prefer that your gloves go around the world holding your handlebars than in a container!