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What is a Henley?

The Henley was created in the 19th century in an English village called Henley-on-Thames to dress the rowing team during rowing races!

It should be noted that at the time, we were not bored with a marketing team to find the name of a product!

Featuring a buttoned, collarless neckline, the Henley was comfortable, practical, and made it possible to regulate body temperature simply by unbuttoning. Smart no?

So clever that the Henley quickly crossed the Atlantic and found itself in the standard package of American GIs. Composed at the time of wool and cotton, it dresses the soldiers and protects them from the vagaries of the weather during external campaigns.

The Henley as a fashion item for men

Even if there are some feminine versions (and nothing prevents you ladies from wearing a Henley, no but ho), the Henley is a typically masculine garment. Charles Bronson, Bruce Willis, Rocky and many other movie heroes wear the Henley on screen.

How many cowboy scenes filmed by the fireside, with the protagonists proudly wearing their Henleys (which would often deserve a good wash, by the way...)?

The Henley, a timeless and robust piece

With cuts that have not changed since its origins, the Henley is typically the timeless garment that you will wear for years to come, especially if your choice is a quality brand that manufactures in Europe or France.

Traditionally, the fabric of the Henley is thicker than that of a classic t-shirt. At Kytone, the minimum weight of our Henleys is 240gr. They are therefore solid pieces, designed to withstand all outrages!

Kytone Henleys go with everything!

All our Henleys are made of cotton, with different weaves depending on the model, but always with one thing in mind: quality!

Our Portuguese workshops take the greatest care to offer you pieces that you can wear for years!

Clothes or underwear?

Yes, you can wear a Henley on its own, with a Fatig Pant for a casual look, or classic denim for the office!

But he will also be your best friend under a shirt, fulfilling his primary mission, to prevent you from getting cold!

So if you've never worn a Henley, hurry up and get one, your life will change! (we never exaggerate it is known)