At Kytone, we have been manufacturing our approved leather gloves in France since 2014.

We take great care to ensure that your gloves are your traveling companions as long as possible, but for this you will have to work a little (but not too often).

Well maintained, your gloves will gradually mark themselves, bear the scars of your road trips, skate and become unique!

But to avoid unpleasant surprises, pay them a little attention every now and then!


Your motorcycle gloves have been stained, dusty, or full of dirt (we do not promise), start wiping them gently with a damp, clean cloth.

As soon as the laundry is dirty, rinse it so as not to spread the stains!

You can also use a mild soap to rub the laundry on.

If you have small children (and you still have time to bike, lucky guy) you can also use Oil-Limestone Liniment! If it works for baby, it works for your gloves!

Let dry well in the open air (and not in direct sunlight in July), and then proceed to the lubrication part!

My gloves are stained with engine oil

So there it is! Because leather is porous, it will absorb oil. Some will tell you to leave the oil on, your gloves now proudly sporting the memory of your broken crankcase by the roadside during your adventure in the Bardenas.

But you also have the right to want to remove the bigger one.

In this case, clay or Sommières earth will be your best allies! Sprinkle the stains on the dry glove (do not be stingy in quantity), and rub lightly.

Leave on for a few hours and remove the clay.

It's quite magical, but we do not guarantee the result if your previous oil change was 50,000 km away! (at the same time ... you will have looked for the fault ...)


We are attacking the part where each in his opinion, his miracle product or his little trick.

At Kytone, we would rather be supporters of Coubertin's motto: "the important thing is to participate"!

This motto applied to gloves is to feed the leather, no matter what, even if we too have our favorites!

You can use :

  • Baby milk (not milk from bottles, milk for the skin)
  • A special leather product (but suddenly, what are you doing here rather than reading the product instructions?)
  • Olive oil
  • And, for thick leathers like our gloves, Fouganza riding fat can be found at Decathlon! It is perfect and inexpensive (but avoid on fine leathers).

On your very dry gloves (if they are wet, you will have ugly halos, we will have warned you), spread the chosen product generously, then leave to act for a while.

Then wipe off the excess with a soft cloth. And here are your gloves left for a few months.

Wait! I have blood on my motorcycle gloves!

Ouch! This little inaccessible screw made a small cut and here is the beautiful pair of stained gloves?

If you don't wait too long, the leather can be salvaged.

Take a cotton ball with a little of the clay we were talking about before, moisten with a little white vinegar or 70 ° alcohol and dab the stain.

Change the cotton as soon as it is red and above all, DO NOT RUB.

With a little luck, the stain will have disappeared, or will be well blurred.

You are now ready to face the vagaries of the road, with nickel gloves which, after all these adventures, are unique! And if you need gloves, check out our shop!